Name, first nameJampen HelenYear of birth1987UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldService DesignTitle of projectDeveloping a Service to Foster Creative EntrepreneurshipAbstractThe central question for my Service Design project is: How might I help young creative and cultural entrepreneurs get more successful and increase competitiveness through a service?
My key motivation comes from my own experience as young creative entrepreneur. In exchange with other entrepreneurs I discovered several issues one faces in daily business, which remain unsolved or met insufficiently by any existing service.
Therefore, aims of this project are firstly, to gain deep insights about motivations, unmet needs, desires, expectations, problems, discrepancies, behaviours, activities and interactions by conducting contextual research on the target group (of young creative and cultural entrepreneurs) and their environment. Secondly, to discover opportunity areas for possible services and thirdly, to solve the discovered problems to create a dynamic and strong local network, become more successful and competitive in this business myself, and stimulate an effective use of resources (relationships, knowledge, means).
TutorsAndy Polaine, Stijn Ossevoort, Christoph Zellweger
Developing a Service to Foster Creative Entrepreneurship