Name, first nameChristine OverbeckYear of birth1986UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldTextile / Fashion DesignTitle of projectNEUVERBUNDENE FÄDEN - TRADING STYLESAbstractCreating something new out of different resources and putting it into a completely diverse context is a very fascinating opportunity for me to deal with textiles and materials.
The process from raw wool to spinning to the knitted product leaves space for experimentations.
I want to develop a collection that combines traditional knitting techniques with innovative design possibilities, silhouettes and materials like different yarn qualities and “smart” materials. Following the principle of “Trading Styles” I want to interpret different knitting techniques from all over the world like the “Aran Island Knitting” into a modern and up-to-date handcrafted collection. By researching old traditional techniques and combining them with modern technology, knitwear can be expanded in an exciting way of dealing with proportions, 3D effects and decorative elements.
TutorsBrigitt Egloff, Isabel Rosa Müggler