Name, first nameChristofferYear of birth1988UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldIllustration / Visual NarrationTitle of projectThe consent to absurdityAbstractNeoliberalism has taken over as a world dominant ideology for political-economic practices and thinking. Its consequences are positive for some but lead towards social violence and injustice for the majority of the population of our planet.
The goal of my project is to define the actors which are part of or touched by neoliberalism and with whom I would imagine a world which reflects on reality. This world would be brought to life through short stories which would be assembled in a book. This project would raise questions about social organisation and lead towards alternative ways of living together.
The main questions of my project are, how do I observe society in order to make my point the most interresting possible ? And how do I raise questions in order to convince even the more sceptical people that there are problems in our way of living ?
TutorsPaolo Friz