Name, first nameStefan MathysYear of birth1984UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldAnimation / FilmTitle of projectLittle ReaperAbstractWe are confronted with death every day, and yet it's still a taboo in commercial representations of animated films. Death appears mostly in nightmarish and melancholy moments. followed by sadness and reflection. With my short film "Little Reaper" I aim to break this clichée and show Death in a more childlike and harmless form, without ignoring his task. The story also goes deeper than expected at first sight. Within the story, Death lives through a human development himself - for at the start, he is hardly aware of his role.

I tell the story of Little Reaper, the 12 year old son of Father Death, and his human friend, Jimy. Little Reaper's promotion to the state of "Reaper", comparable to entering the working world in human terms, demands a heavy decision of him: Little Reaper must claim the soul of his best friend. However, he blunders the task, and clever Jimy stays one step ahead of him.

The story ends with Jimy's disappearance. Little Reaper's father grew impatient and took the matter into his own hands. We see Jimy dead in a hospital bed. Jimy lost the internal Battle against Death.

Slapstick should help lighten the mood of this delicate topic, while the ending should bring the audience back to the harsh reality of things.
TutorsJochen Ehmann