Name, first nameScherrer RemoYear of birth1986UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldAnimation / FilmTitle of projectsomething is attached to meAbstractAnidoc (animated documentary)
By shedding light on the situation of relatives of alcoholics, I'm attempting to find out more about the effects of addiction on the immediate surroundings of those affected.
At the core of my development -as a visually interesting starting point- is the Mobile-Principle (see picture 1), a model from family therapy, which shows the systematic dependency of all elements among each other.
Through interviews with affected family members I hope to find recurring, significant situations from their everyday life that I would be able to weave into a story.
The story should be of documentary nature, in which audio-recordings and interviews could appear as off-screen voices. Memories and feelings, however, will be visualized using more fantastic methods.
For these ideas, a mixed-media film made up of live footage and animation would be ideal.
TutorsJochen Ehmann, Robert Müller, Ted Sieger
something is attached to me