Name, first nameMetz,VerenaYear of birth1987UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectThe magazine for children – which lives twiceAbstractMost magazines for children only catch their attention for a short time.Gimmicks or extras, such as small plastic toys for example, promote children to buy such magazines in the first place. But, after a short time however, they will be thrown away.
Therefore, my paper aims at developing a magazine for children, which will serve additional functions after having done all the puzzles, paintings and texts in it.
With a japanese binding the individual sheets will be perforate so they can be easily separated from the magazine itself. After separating them, the children can get to the 'inside' of the page, which was concealed before. There the children can find instruction for further scope of designs. These designs will vary depending on the issue and time of year (e.g. "how to make and Advent calendar", "how to make a pencil box for the new school year"). It goes without saying that these "how to" activities always refer to handcrafted activities. It is important that all activities can be done with the paper provided from the magazine itself and that consequently no additional paper is needed. Thus, the magazine will boost the creativity and motor skills of children and a responsible materials handling will be learned.
TutorsRobert Bossart