Name, first nameLorenz WunderleYear of birth1983UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldAnimation / FilmTitle of projectPupertyproblemsAbstractMy idea for a TV cartoon-series
Until now, Swiss Television is lacking its own TV cartoon-series for which it sets the target audience between 13 and 16 years old (and perhaps a secret target audience of 22 years upwards).
There are a lot of TV series that are addressing teenage problems, but not in the exaggerative humorist way cartoons can do.

I will attempt to create the plots for each episode, through researching everything from parenting tips to pubescent childrens' literature, as well as other people's and my own experiences of this stage in life. From there, a character will materialize who has to deal with and live with the common problems of a modern-day teenager:

An insecure, quiet, averagely intelligent teenager - his name is (unknown)- is walking home after his daily beatings at school. He gets hit by lightning. Through this, his brain and his smartphone receive an independent consciousness. The boy will be "taken hostage" by his independent brain, that (literally) gets out of the boy’s head and turns his shy life upside down. Contrary to the brain, there is this smartphone, who is the rational conscience and adviser, but seeks to strengthen the boys addiction towards him. The stories live from funny and absurd situations that show the difficulties of maturing teenagers.
My current goal is to create a series of 5 x 1min. clips.
TutorsJochen Ehmann, Ted SiegerFileDownload file