Name, first nameDaniel TamayoYear of birth1987UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldIllustration / Visual NarrationTitle of projectClay as an illustration toolAbstractThe main theme of my project is to show the art of clay as an illustrating tool. Besides it shows how efficient it may be to educate and activate the motor skills of children, young people and those who are involved in the field of design or crafts, while having fun, relax, learn and interact. Clay is still being used in the professional field of ​​animation and stop-motion. As well as in the area of pedagogy to develope the stimulation of motor activity and as a tool to relax in the psychological field.

My intention is to make a picture book made by clay and using other materials to show a lot of creativity by a story which was created by myself. The user can benefit from this technique while reading an entertaining story. At the same time the user can act with the material. Additionally it adds value to the whole concept of clay, teaching how to create step by step the main characters and some of the most relevant objects in the story. Therefore the user will be able to connect with the product through his senses.

Irma Gruenholz, Il ballerino del silenzio, 2013.
Meredith Dittmar, Zona-Maco, 2012.
TutorsPaolo Friz
Clay as an illustration toolClay as an illustration tool