Name, first nameBednorz, AgataYear of birth1987UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldIllustration / Visual NarrationTitle of projectThe underground schoolAbstractInspired by my own German-Polish heritage and the stroke of faith my grandparents went through during Second World War, my project will address valor and unarmed resistance, during wartime in Poland.
In the course of the oppression by the Germans, Poland secretly formed an unarmed resistance and an underground state, to still provide full functionality of the polish state, with all its administrative bodies, courts and schools.
I’m going to create a Graphic Novel, which will present a valuable insight into polish history to the adult readership.
The hero of the story isn’t characterized by extraordinary powers. She is actually just a teacher. But she will act accordingly to a quote by Nietzsche: „Heroismus ist der gute Wille zum Selbst-Untergang” (“Heroism is the good will for self-destruction”). She decides to teach the children of her neighborhood, even though the NS prohibited it and to read out of forbidden textbooks.
The goal of my project won’t just be the initiation of the readership into polish history, most of all it will be the presentation of an inspiring hero.
TutorsPaolo Friz