Name, first nameCazesYear of birth1989UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectWhy do we need to tidy up?AbstractDisorder is still seen as a sign of a disorganized mind. For example the desk of a messy employee can be seen badly by his boss and cause him criticisms, but what is revealed with an empty desk? There was a time where the disorder reigned on the world before that comes the humanity. The transition from hunter-gatherer stage and the farmer is the big leap in the organization of the human species. From the year 100 to around the beginning of the eighteenth century, many historical phenomenons came alter our image of disorder. Christianity and science are the main protagonists who bore damage the reputation of the mess. The systems, the institutions or the people moderately disorganized prove to be often more adapted, more resistant, more creative and in general more efficient than if they are submit to a strict organization. Others advantages of the mess: the suppleness and the beauty (Pollock, Franck Gehry).TutorsAnniina koivu and brynjar sigurdarsonFileDownload file