Name, first nameRuppel, ArthurYear of birth1987UniversityHKBField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectGraukopp - Ein russlanddeutsches LebenAbstract“Graukopp“ is an ongoing book-project, which is destined to tell the life story of my grandfather Martin Kaufmann. His family belonged to the so called “Russlanddeutsche“, a shrinking ethnic group, whose ancestors migrated from Germany to Russia in the 18th century. Over time they managed to retain their own identity and language so that even my grandfather, who never set a foot outside Russian borders, was always convinced to be German. This attitude turned out to be their road to perdition, when in World War II because of their German background they became generally suspicious of being collaborators the Nazis. As a consequence they were ousted, deported and forced to work in the notorious GULAG work labor camps.

To learn more about my grandfathers story, I talked to his descendants Emma, Lydia, Viktor, Konstantin and Lilia. His biography turned out to reflect precisely the „russlanddeutsche“ history of the 20th century. So “Graukopp“ not only tells the story of a single man, but of a whole ethnic group.
TutorsUlrike Felsing, Ivan Sterzinger
Graukopp - Ein russlanddeutsches LebenGraukopp - Ein russlanddeutsches LebenGraukopp - Ein russlanddeutsches Leben