Name, first nameAdrian SusinYear of birth1981UniversityHKBField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectDie Manipulation öffentlicher MeinungAbstractFlourishing Appletrees or cutting Trees with Axes. White Sheep and black Ravens: We all know them from political Posters that try to convince us in the public Space. Those Images exaggerate their Topics to provoke strong reactions within the Viewer.

The theoretical Part of my Thesis examines the Aspects of rhetoric Manipulation in Graphic Design. Communication Media of German Large Scale Construction Projects have been compared and analysed for Research. The Term of rhetoric Manipulation in Graphic Design gets grounded by Theories and illustrated through the Analysis of the found media. A Taxonomy gives an Overview on all discovered Types of Manipulation.

Focus of the practical Part was the Attempt to experiment with the discoveries on a real topic. A Series of Posters grapples with the Elbphilharmonie - a strongly disputed Construction Project in Hamburg. The Posters reason with manipulative techniques for or against it.

The Thesis is supposed to show how easily Communication Statements can be manipulated through Design. It proposes the Viewer to develop a more critical Sense towards Media in everyday life by exposing manipulative methods.
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Die Manipulation öffentlicher MeinungDie Manipulation öffentlicher MeinungDie Manipulation öffentlicher Meinung