Name, first nameAli KhanYear of birth1982UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldFuture / TrendsTitle of projectResign Republic- An education technology platformAbstract“ The magnificent democratic Island had been built by capturing what the native islanders called JoJo; it was individual expertise of all the people living on the isle, captured, connected, transformed and visualized into what formed a unique non-hierarchal body of knowledge, the nectar. It served as the fossil fuel for their sustenance. Each and every member of the society had to take charge of producing it and then consuming it! Jojo, the magic ingredient!”
Taken from the short story Straight, first left and then the second right: The Republic

With the world transforming at an exponential rate, aided by great technological progress, education must adopt relevant information and communication technologies along with innovative methodologies in order to keep pace. How can we integrate individual expertise into education through the use of information and communication technologies preparing it for the 4th industrial age? The project “Resign Republic” encompasses an education-technology platform focused on producing digital solutions which are based on three core concepts: consensus, distributed networks, and automation. In cooperation with a team of international multidisciplinary team of experts, the aim of the project is to create evolving intelligent digital products that will help students capture, connect, transform and visualize individual expertise. The project philosophy has its roots set in the principles of democratic production of knowledge and innovation in education, in line with the values appreciated and practiced by Switzerland. The project will be executed within FHNW in collaboration with Gebert Ruf Stiftung*

*Approval pending
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Resign Republic- An education technology platform