Name, first namePatrick BaumannYear of birth1986UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldIconic ResearchTitle of projectBased on true storiesAbstractVisual and theoretical approaches to the moment of doubt in Photography.

We live in a time, when images – more than ever – shape and affect our understanding of the world. Here, photography is a medium, which is often used to document an event or attest to a situation. In this context, the photographic image is understood as something that contains and communicates concrete facts. The act of taking a picture seemingly functions as a certification of the reality experienced.

This MA thesis focuses on the opposite: the moment of doubt in photography. I am interested in what makes an image implausible and how uncertainty can be experienced through a medium that, in the first instance, was meant to depict what is in front of the camera lens. By asking what makes us doubt certain images, I hope to raise further critical questions on why we trust in others. Therefore, researching this aspect meant asking two main questions. Firstly: is photography an appropriate medium to create images which can make their beholders doubt what they ostensibly see? And secondly: if so, what are the possible requirements and how can they be visualized?
TutorsLeander Eisenmann, Dr. Shintaro Miyazaki, Prof. Michael RennerFileDownload file
Based on true storiesBased on true storiesBased on true stories