Name, first nameLinda Dagli OrtiYear of birth1983UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldIconic ResearchTitle of projectIs this you?AbstractInvestigation of a visual definition of abstraction.

When in close dialogue with an image, on a guided tour at a museum or a presentation at a client’s, it is quite common to come across the term of abstraction. But what does abstraction really mean in the end? And what does the term imply when used in the field of visual communication?
One might say that every image by itself is an abstraction because the immediacy of reality has been translated into a medium. However, one could just as well claim that even seeing is some kind of abstraction since reality is mediated. But is it as easy that to simply say that if reality is transferred into something else, it is an abstraction?
The term derives from the Latin word abstrahere, that is, “to drag away, to detach”. This would infer leaving out elements to transfer the figure into something more general or simple. But by “leaving out”, do we not actually mean, “reduce it as much as possible”? Where then is the difference between reduction and abstraction? What does it really mean when we talk about something being “abstract” or an “abstraction” of something? This project explores the concept of abstraction. It reveals its own approach through the image-making process. It is the investigation of a visual definition.
TutorsDr. Paloma Lopez, Jiri Oplatek, Prof. Philipp StammFileDownload file
Is this you?Is this you?Is this you?