Name, first nameAlexandra KaeserYear of birth1985UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldIconic ResearchTitle of projectRe-thinking exhibition cataloguesAbstractWhat is an exhibition catalogue? Traditionally, it is a printed medium that documents an exhibition in a museum or gallery. Ideally, it will contain high-quality reproductions of the works of art that were on display in the exhibition. It will also contain texts that describe the concept of an exhibition and possibly even put the exhibition concept within the frame of art history and, thus, provide a scientific update through further texts.
The production of an exhibition catalogue means to put real-life experiences into print format. For this purpose, it confronts theory (art historians) with practice (graphic designers). What space does theory have in the visuals of a catalogue and how much of the graphical work encroaches upon the theory? What dosage of theory and practice is needed to reflect real-life exhibitions as closely as possible?
TutorsDr. Paloma Lopez, Jiri Oplatek, Prof. Philipp Stamm