Name, first namePiotr MarciszewskiYear of birth1987UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldIconic ResearchTitle of projectThink before you say somethingAbstractPolish posters as tools of critical comments on social attitudes.

We are confronted with posters on a daily basis. Most of them try to sell us something through their vivid colours and their suggestive forms. However, as a tool of visual communication, posters can also comment on the society they originate in. In different times, they have acquired a meaningful position through this function, for example in Poland in the 1980’s, where they became an expression of social opposition to the Communist system.
This thesis focuses on the importance of posters as a tool of visual communication. It focuses on the posters’ role in commenting social attitudes, actions, behaviours, and beliefs, and how they shape them in relation to a particular phenomenon. Knowledge about the ways in which these processes may take place are to be obtained by designing multiple variants of critical posters.
TutorsLeander Eisenmann, Dr. Shintaro Miyazaki, Prof. Michael Renner