Name, first nameIzabela CookYear of birth1980UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldIconic ResearchTitle of projectOn sensing intangiblesAbstractCritical moments between iconic categories of ornamental design.

Our visual perception does not enjoy monotony. The human mind requires constant stimulation to receive dynamic information about the changing environment for the purpose of orientation. Often, we are intrigued by images that do not allow a clear interpretation. An ornament can be considered a visual composition driven by lines, which tends to strongly attract our attention. Despite its long history, neither theoreticians nor designers have as yet been able to propose a consistent and comprehensive definition.
One common approach is to define ornaments through the notion of pattern, but this seems to omit their intangible power to impress. Maybe an ornament is merely a pattern, but a smart one, created in order to entertain? Practical research attempts to look for the iconic characteristics comprising the categories of ornament. This is achieved by carefully investigating the sensitive moments of transition; situations, in which the created pattern gains ornamental potential, and circumstances, when an ornament regresses to a pattern.
TutorsLeander Eisenmann, Dr. Shintaro Miyazaki, Prof. Michael Renner