Name, first nameElena StelleYear of birth1984UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldIconic ResearchTitle of projectNarration in a static image. A visual analysisAbstractMan’s ability to see, recognize, and understand images is innate but also affected by history and culture. Any processing of the information and any differentiations perceived in an image are based on previous experience. Nowadays, this experience is linked to the individual moments we record, that is, to the act of taking pictures. To map the world, so to say, and to “visualize” it and the people in it, is characteristic of any culture. “We do not even remember anymore, how we learned to see. The way we learned to visually associate or infer or think, and how familiar we have become with visual abbreviations, metaphors, symbols, and terms” (Balazs 1972, p. 4). Do photographs tell stories, and if so, how? On the basis of what term or concept may we speak of narration in a photograph? Are there differences in so-called documentary or staged photographs as to what they actually do in relation to an alleged story? The arranging and constructing of images, the revealing of visual structures, and the implementation of narrative actions in photographs is the subject matter of the present master-thesis project.TutorsDr. Paloma Lopez, Jiri Oplatek, Prof. Philipp Stamm