Name, first nameInken ZierenbergYear of birth1987UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldIconic ResearchTitle of projectPress photography. On re-inventing facticityAbstractToday, press pictures enable our culture to get in touch with past, present, and future events. As a consequence of the use of press photography, specific pictures are frequently repeated. Based on visual research, this thesis confirms that repetition is consciously used to suggest topicality and, also, to offer readily and consistently available pictures. As a direct consequence of acceleration and in-demand information, journalist photographers turn increasingly superficial.
Conversely, in the current media landscape pictures are also used in an omnipresent way ; as a matter of fact, we have come to rely upon the evidence of news pictures. As a result of public dissemination, a highly subjective extract from the past is defined as final photographic fact though. A question we must begin to ask is: what matters to everyday visual consumers? Obviously, timeliness and availability seem to be their main concern.
The present study shifts press photographs out of their previous contexts into new ones. The project focuses on the specific effects of repetition. In addition, in an experimental discourse on the absence of press pictures, specific results – its risks and chances – are explored in a critical, open-ended way.
TutorsProf. Marion Fink, Dr. Invar-Torre Hollaus, Ludwig Zeller