Name, first nameBeata ModrzynskaYear of birth1989UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldTextile / Fashion DesignTitle of projectStatic vs. dynamic body in fashion representationAbstractThe main axis of my master thesis is the transition from the static image to dynamic forms of fashion representation. Historically the fashion picture has been seen as still, but digital media offers a departure from the past, introducing a constant flow of moving images and active spectatorship.
Only in the last decade fashion film has become present as a valid form of fashion representation on the internet, bridging the gap between reality and fantasy. The body itself as primal interest of fashion exists between physical presence and figural symbol – dematerialized in cyberspace. This merges with the Alvin Toffler's theory of diversity and coexistence of forms. But what is the possible impact of new media on clothing design and is the stillness even acceptable ?
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