Name, first nameHohl, BenjaminYear of birth1983UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectMaking Services TangibleAbstractFormulation of a design process for model objects and
observations on their influence on counseling situations

The intangibility of services poses for both provider and user an increasing and by the digitalization reinforced challange: on the corporate side the growing complexity of services makes the articulation of advantages over the competition difficult and on the customer side declining confidence is the result. Starting from the hypothesis that if there is something to feel (to touch), understanding, interpreting and judging is favored, touchable objects between users and service providers and their potential to reduce abstraction are in the focus of interest. In the context of counseling situations, the design of such model objects and thus the role of touch has to be considered more carefully. It is investigated how this way of making services more tangible changes the counseling situation.
TutorsProf. M. Krohn