Name, first nameElisa forsterYear of birth1985UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldIllustration / Visual NarrationTitle of projectFrom Muscle to MimicAbstractIn my master‘s thesis I examine the use of infographical and illustrative elements, with contextual parameters such as pictorial data, in order to improve both the reading and learning experience with a more comprehensive visualization.

On the basis of the video and photographical data from the OrangFACS (Orang-Utan Facial Action Coding System), I identify visual markers which form the parameters of my visualization.
Independently from the parameter-defining process, I design my own visual guidelines through analysis of infographics and scientific Illustrations. I then apply these guidelines to my parameters. This provides me with new possibilites for visual analysis.
The goal is to improve the reading and learning experience of scientists studying OrangFACS. It is also an exploration into separate fields to find synergies with infographical design, which can be useful for scientific illustration.
This project is a cooperation with Professor Katja Liebal of Evolutionary Psychology at the Free University of Berlin.
TutorsFabienne Boldt, Prof. Dr. Katja Liebal
From Muscle to MimicFrom Muscle to MimicFrom Muscle to Mimic