Name, first nameLarissa HolaschkeYear of birth1990UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldEvent DesignTitle of projectSPACES. subversive strategies of women in Tehran.AbstractThe project SPACES deals with the question of how freedom can manifest itself in the design of spaces.
After decades of ideological domination by the Islamic regime, Tehrani youth wants to break out of the rigid system of the guardians of public morals. Driven by creative impulses and strategies through the restrictions, subversive practices are carried out to create space for their personal freedom. The focus of the multi-sited design ethnography is on the premises of young women in Tehran. Tehrani women have different strategies for creating spaces and they show how subversive criticism of a regime can be practiced.
TutorsBitten Stetter, Francis Müller, Martina Eberle