Name, first nameDiego MartinezYear of birth1988UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectDESIRE NOISE ECSTASY |Crossing borders with playful learningAbstractWe do not see the feet because we are used to looking at the world without them. If we perceive them at all we see them as part of the world, as anthropologist Nigel Barley said. It is the same with social issues, since they are strongly influenced by the socialization process. Supported by literature from psychology, educational sciences and sociology as well as exploratory and empirical research, the project focuses on creating a framework. This framework will be used to design a game on the basis of the ecological contexts in the food industry.

"Desire, Noise, Ecstasy” discusses changing patterns of perception, awareness and experience. The presented design strategies (in “serious games“) for social issues could, so the underlying proposition, influence interest, motivation and behavior of young people.
TutorsRené Bauer ,Beat Suter ,Mela Kocher Lennström
DESIRE NOISE ECSTASY |Crossing borders with playful learning