Name, first nameEstelle HaryYear of birth1993UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectSymbiotic MedicineAbstractMedicine promises us to live forever. From a practice based on plants and other natural components, the knowledge of healing kept and dispensed by specific group of people such as Shamans, it has now become a complex system involving several stakeholders, relying on high-tech technologies, but also becoming more and more open and self-made. Although, today, we are facing challenges, like the increase of bacterias resistance to existing antibiotics, that seem to confront with some of the techno-utopian visions of the future of health and medicine. It seems that nowadays we need to think in new ways about the future of medicine, and science in general, by concentrating on transdisciplinary work methodologies to consider the social and human impact of new emerging technologies.
In this perspective, I am exploring the future of drugs by speculating from current trends and weak signals found in our contemporary society such as transhumanism, quantified self, biohacking, self-medication, wellness, customization... The idea is to investigate the relation we have toward drugs in term of usage and perception by creating different scenarios and considering the different impacts it can have on the society on a macro scale, by reshaping the social and economical system, and micro scale, by focusing on the individual.
TutorsMax Rheiner & Björn Franke