Name, first nameJoshuaYear of birth1990UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectFaecal Waste Collection Product-System for SlumsAbstractA 3rd of the world’s population lives without safe and dignified sanitation, over 110 million in Sub-Saharan African slums, resulting in a bad health and high mortality. Container-based sanitation mitigates this problem by collecting human waste using in-home container toilets. Service providers regularly collect waste to be processed into products, e.g. fertiliser. Using ethnographic fieldwork and rapid prototyping, the ineffectiveness of the current containers used for collection of faeces arTutorsProff. Michael Krohn, Annina Gähwiler, Francis Müller, Franziska Nyffenegge, Mona Mijthab, Roland Eberle
Faecal Waste Collection Product-System for Slums