Name, first nameKraus, LenaYear of birth1989UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectThe teaching methods of Josef Müller-BrockmannAbstractJosef Müller-Brockmann is regarded as one of the most influential people in the movement of the Swiss Style. He established the Swiss Style as a basis for graphic design education through his creative and didactic work. My master’s thesis analyzes Müller-Brockmann’s didactic material stored in the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich. Interviews with his former pupils, expert talks and extensive research on literature serve to deepen of the comprehensive discussion of the topic. The following questionsTutorsBarbara Junod, Dr.Sarah Owens, Jonas VögeliFileDownload file
The teaching methods of Josef Müller-Brockmann