Name, first nameLiistro SerenaYear of birth1994UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldIllustration / Visual NarrationTitle of projectThe Truth about Marie AntoinetteAbstractWe all know Marie Antoinette as the most spoiled and spendthrift queen in the history of Europe, so regardless of the problem of folks’ hunger to pronounce the sentence "If they have no bread, let them eat the croissants". While Marie Antoinette was not the perfect queen, it is also true that she found himself too young to rule over a nation which wasn’t hers and that actually never welcomed her completely. Her Austrian origins, her naivety and too many false friends at court led her soon to become the target of the people and of the French nobility. The marriage problems caused her a depression which she will try to appease through the sprees we all know. When Marie Antoinette switches to a more sober lifestyle and tries to settle the French public debt, she has already become the scapegoat of the French Revolution. Nobody knows she was a loving mother who deeply respected her husband and a generous woman whose naivety was betrayed by many false friends. I would like to tell the story of Marie Antoinette through an illustrated interactive story in order to show the hidden side of this fascinating and controversial iconic character of the history.
The project is still at its beginnings. Through many books and documentaries I’m reserching the most important information, while I’m working on the visual aspects of the project.
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The Truth about Marie AntoinetteThe Truth about Marie Antoinette