Name, first nameAwneet KumarYear of birth1986UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldTextile / Fashion DesignTitle of projectThree DoctorsAbstractWhen I look at different cultures and their clothing I find a lot of differences in terms of surfaces, textiles, colours and the way they are worn. Some are worn on special occasions and some are worn every day. Some signifies social status, some gives a message while some are just there to cover the body. There are also differences in various way for example in terms of accessibility, and usability. Apart from these differences there is a very big similarity amongst the clothing culture of the world. That is we have programmed ourselves to wear different clothes for different occasion, profession, environment, climate and all. A doctor wears an apron while a banker wears a suit. We wear thick clothing in winters to keep warm. So if someone sees my picture in thick jackets, even if it was bright sun shine they know it was cold. Although I somehow understand the reasons for this concept of clothing I still ask myself the question “WHY? Why is there a code? Who made it? Why they made it? And most importantly why most of us all around the world following it? We as human being have been evolving since thousands of years and these whys are already part of our DNA. This 2 trillion dollar clothing industry runs on this CODE. I don’t want to explain the answers of all these Whys because every why has its own explanation in its own way. Some sounds genuine and some sounds made up to me. My question is; what are the limitation of these concept of clothing that runs on textiles, fabrics and sewing machines. Can I wear a winter jacket made out of cotton fibres and still keep warm like wool? DO I need to wear clothes made out of textiles? Is there any other alternative? If yes, how feasible is that? How can traditional techniques and modern technology complement each other to bring out something that is not there? A new silhouette, a new form, a new surface, a new world.

The main points that I researched upon is how people are and were dressing in the world in order to find the differences and similarities closely.
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Three DoctorsThree DoctorsThree Doctors