Name, first nameGizemYear of birth1990UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectDesigning Product Personalities with Physical InteractionAbstractDurability of a product more about the relationship with the user: desire and attachment. The interaction with products that reflect the values of us as human beings can greatly influence the success of the product-user durable relationships. In human-to-human interaction, emotional interaction can be provided by sharing mutual expression which is not provided when people interact with products. Therefore, it is important to provide a means to express emotion in the product side. This thesis will explore research through design studies to define the strategies to create emotional values on everyday consumer products by dealing with product personification. Particularly, physical interaction will be investigated as means of expressing functional, emotional and characteristic attributes of smart products.TutorsWerner Baumhakl; Alfredo Häberli; Nicole Simone Schneider; Ralf TrachteFileDownload file