Name, first nameLüssi, RaadiyaYear of birth09.1UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldFuture / TrendsTitle of projectCash is king, but the king is dead!AbstractEntrepreneurs operating in a post-capitalist economy need new definitions of capital, currency and values along with new tools for navigating their startup experience. My thesis explores opportunities for creating an alternative marketplace and currency to match the supply and demand of resources needed by early stage entrepreneurs in a more democratic way.
Central to my research lies the question: how might we design a value-driven marketplace and trust-based currency that is relevant to early-stage entrepreneurs in South Africa? At the intersection of the collaboration economy, film and technology, my aim is to design a marketplace that enables early stage entrepreneurs to adopt collaboration- enabled practices and a reputation based currency to mobilise the resources needed to build their startups.
TutorsBitten Stetter/Dr. Francis Müller /Dr. Gerhard BuurmannFileDownload file
Cash is king, but the king is dead!Cash is king, but the king is dead!