Name, first namesara regalYear of birth1989UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectANOTHER WAY TO DIEAbstractAll human end is death. But depending of where this happens the traditions, rituals and objects related
will change. Seeing the variety of approaches and relations with death around the world, I focus my
memoir on the study of one case for a better understatement of our mortuary practice.
Ghana cons are shaped and personalized for each corpse. The cons symbolize the dead which goes
inside, giving us information about its life. Before this cons they were using normal box shaped cons.
During my memoir I study which factors inuenced this change and how this was possible in Ghana. The
mortuary practice of western society has´t change since thousands of years, but nowadays several small
attempt to change are appearing. Are we ready for a change?
TutorsKoivu Anniina, Brynjar SigurðarsonFileDownload file