Name, first nameFleuryYear of birth1989UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectThe Mouse as Muse(um)AbstractThe title of this thesis « The Mouse as Muse(um) » is inspired by Claes Oldenburg's personal museum and the subject of the museum as a source of artistic inspiration.
How and why is built the relationship between exhibited object and its surrounding ?
Based on this question, the present thesis was developed on a specific case-study, being the "Mouse Museum", a work of an american pop art artist, Claes Oldenburg.
By questioning how this shift occurs, from a personal collection to become a public collection or a public artwork, I studied the relation he created between his personal collection and his museum and how this kind of interaction leads to a global artwork.
TutorsSébastien Quéquet
The Mouse as Muse(um)The Mouse as Muse(um)The Mouse as Muse(um)