Name, first nameGabriele FumeroYear of birth1990UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectBeauty in typefacesAbstractMatthew Carter, in a recent lecture about Adrian Frutiger, remembered a 2005 open letter Frutiger wrote to type design students, a letter in which he expressed his point of view on the new technologic means used in type design and ended on a recommendation to always keep in mind and value the search for beauty in a typeface. In typography during centuries, beautiful always meant something different, according to the evolution of taste in architecture, art and design. Typographers, designers and type theorists of the past very often spoke and wrote about the beauty of a particular typeface or letterform, making explicit references to the aesthetic canon of their time. In the digital design era, and in a period of particular interest about typefaces and type design, caused by the sudden easiness of producing digital fonts; the question about beauty becomes important again: the old masters all expressed their opinion and defined different criteria based on different beliefs but the digital medium brings in new and unexplored methods of producing and drawing letters. New schools of thought about design are being formulated, that stand along the classic ones.TutorsRoland FrühFileDownload file
Beauty in typefacesBeauty in typefacesBeauty in typefaces