Name, first nameyeyeon.parkYear of birth1986UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectThe Infinite CycleAbstractA cycle is a complete circulation that repeats perpetually. In nature, the cycle means a closed ecosystem which is a community of living organisms interacting with the nonliving components of their environment such as air, water and mineral soil. This linkage between biotic and abiotic components is important in terms of nutrient cycles and energy flows. In this sustainable system, there is no waste which means waste becomes part of the system as biological nutrients for other beings. There are numerous ways to make an ecosystem sustainable. This study focuses on developing an alternative way of making our life cycle more efficient and beneficial. Inspired by natural ecosystems which can be a solution to the unabated human desire for modern industrial commodities.TutorsAnniina Koivu / Brynjar SigurĂ°arsonFileDownload file
The Infinite CycleThe Infinite CycleThe Infinite Cycle