Name, first nameLena KleinYear of birth1984UniversityHKBField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectCOMPARING POLITICAL SYSTEMS THROUGH INFORMATION DESIGNAbstractEvery country has it’s individual political systems, which is directly linked with it’s history. Via the different political systems we can learn a lot about the people living in the respective country. Discovering, comparing and understanding political systems holds surprises, as well as having the capacity to diminish prejudice whilst bringing new questions to the table. The transition between different political systems is fluid and rarely classifiable.
Through the use of attractive and easily accessible graphics I want to invite people to engage with this crucial subject, a subject that involves all of us even if we are mostly unaware of it.
TutorsChristine Zimmermann (Hahn+Zimmermann GmbH), Raphael Reber (Impact Hub Bern), Michael Erne (smartvote), Flavio Bundi (easyvote)FileDownload file