Name, first nameToussaintYear of birth1993UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectHow do the birth of the Web and the democratization of accesAbstract#Generation
What’s a generation ? What are the particularities of the new artists of my generation / of the internet generation ? Can we categorize theses artists according to their generationnal criterias ? And why is this new category of artists are defined by their generation ? (Why this generation more than another  ?)

In what way does internet encourage a practical use of these methods of working together ? — collective, duo, collaboration, co-creation — What are the methods of working together that were used before ? How do we work together today ? What role does « discussion » play in such collectives ?

Who signes artwork today ? What about copyright on internet and intellectual property in the age of web ? How can one protect an artwork developped in the context of an environment based on sharing ? (fromW a legal point of view). How do artists view the new conception of copyright in activities such as sharing, copy/pasting, open source, streaming (or even getty image ?)

The network as an artist. The evolution of the creative process of an artist to the prosumer artist. What is a prosumer artist ? — producer, professional and consumer — What is individuality in networking ? And why do we talk about the decompartmentalization of the statues of the artist and the plastic mediums ?

What are the new forms of plastic exhibitions ? Can we say that there is a transposition of concepts that we find on internet into a physical exhibit ? What about interactivity ? Can we talk about post-galery ? Do these new methods bring disfunctions in the art market ?
TutorsRoland Fruh