Name, first nameYevgen AnfalovYear of birth1986UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectThe GGK Model. Karl Gerstner Years
 1958-1971AbstractThe GGK is an advertising agency established in 1959 in Basel, It still exists under the same name, bearing a history of six decades of an extensive international work. In it’s heydays it belonged to one of the most successful and creative agencies in the world. The first letter in the abbreviation bears the name of it’s originator, an artist, a visionary and a total designer, Karl Gerstner. It is hard to overlook his importance in the development of what we call the international style.

We might ask ourselves, if this position really solving an economical problem of graphic designer’s profession? Why does the advertising and the graphic design went so much apart as never before? What is the reason for it? Are they any counter-examples? Were they friends, is there a hope for a reunion, a new relationship?

My personal interest lies in finding (or at least, trying to find) the answers to the fore-mentioned questions in a case study of a GGK in so-called „Gerstner Years“ between its establishment in 1958 and resignation of KG in 1971 ("a rather atypical story in the heritage of a „swiss style“. Hollis, R.)

In the case of GGK 1958-1967, we are touching the ground of a unique attempt to create an integral advertising agency model, applying the swiss style foundation of the „good form“, to the new communication design challenges coming from the booming commercial (industrial market) in a new dogmatic and pragmatic way.

I’m trying to Iook at the GGK from the outside as well as from the inside perspective, following up the information I have from the books, archive visits (NB Bern, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich) in order to complete the missing links. One of the main sources to focus on will be the less known GGK annual reports 1958-1971.
TutorsRoland Früh
The GGK Model. Karl Gerstner Years