Name, first nameSandra TschanzYear of birth1990UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectM.I.N.E - One outfit, any destination, your choice.AbstractThis project investigates female travelers’ clothing requirements, and asks how clothing fulfilling these can also be environmentally conscious.
Long term traveling brings with it varied clothing requirements. On one hand there are the practical ones, dictated by climate, environment and the activity of travelling itself. On the other hand are the identity requirements, including peoples’ personal taste and need for self-expression.
This project seeks to create one outfit combining these functional and personal requirements, with the ability to adapt to changes in environment and taste. Therefore using up less resources and promoting longer product use. The user does not have to be educated about conscious product use but is instinctively lead, by the product, to change wasteful behaviour.
TutorsMichael Krohn, Annina Gähwiler, Francis MüllerFileDownload file