Name, first nameTatiana LiljenfeldtYear of birth1985UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldFuture / TrendsTitle of projectMy Corporate SelfAbstractModern work life is being influenced by several long-term trends: urbanization, growth of population and work shift that are about to bring vast amount of people to office environments. Another trends that are forming the future include growing individualization and simplexity that are causing the urge for self-expression and re-definition of personal identity in the time when style-wise ‘anything goes’.
This context rises a question of the corporate dress code of the future. In our language, we still define jobs by the detail of the dress - for example, word combination “white collar” sends our thoughts directly to the world of desk-top professionals. For the company the appearance of the employees can serve as a visual expression of their corporate values.
At the same time clothes, that present a part of company’s visual trademark also serve as a ‘skin extension’ (M. McLuhan) or ‘social skin’ for people who work there. In recent years traditional business dress codes have got ‘softer’ with introduction of casual Fridays and Business casual dress codes in certain work fields creating new opportunities as well as challenges.
This intersection of corporate and personal identities concentrated in the attire aesthetics makes corporate dress code a curious case of identity research. Does the situation of limited choice (such as traditional business dress code) stimulate a need for self-expression by means of personal style, and if yes, what are the individualization strategies? Meanwhile combining issues of corporate and personal identity, is business attire limiting or rather creating framework for more elaborate and self-aware choices? Furthermore, what is the future of the dress code in the context of above mentioned trends?
TutorsProf. Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller
My Corporate Self