Name, first nameStiefel AxelleYear of birth1988UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldTextile / Fashion DesignTitle of projectThe Red Thread or how not to loose track ?AbstractThe Red Thread is inspired by this singular mark – a red line – one finds on a classical kitchen towel. You find this line on a piece of linen fabric everywhere around the world, it appears in many cultures. Why not let the linen be as it is, unmarked? Perhaps because a mark holds the same function as a name, it differentiate. It is not any piece of linen. It is what I have named it for. Before it’s function, lies the fact that we acknowledge its existence. First, we recognise, then we differentiate. What’s left to do next
but repeat?
My aim in naming my project « The Red Thread » is to consciously implement a none-innovative element in a highly innovative driven culture with innovative art.
The Red Thread functions as a fictive character wandering through a world that appears to be out of control. It allows me to track my motive with certain obsession while looking at things cooly, recreating an environment that I find enabling a sort of filiation. Taken as a generative principle, the way I care about the Red Thread is part of reality-making. Through The Red Thread I can travel in time – sidewise – without loosing track.
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The Red Thread or how not to loose track ?