Name, first nameLucia SidlerYear of birth1993UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectUnity in DiversityAbstractSince 2011, Switzerland has experienced an increase of refugees, requiring resilience of the urban systems of cities like Zurich to react. Many refugees are placed in temporary, and often overcrowded, housing settlements that are disconnected to local society. This project strives to investigate the connection between refugees and local host communities in Zurich and to examine where design within the urban space can enable a mutual connection. Through the method of immersion, findings concluded that refugees utilize the public space to divert from housing confinements. Through social and co-participatory design, improved connections, sharing, and awareness can be established as ultimate reminders that we are all citizens of the city, Zurich.TutorsKarin Seiler, Francis Müller, Annina Gähwiler, and Aela Vogel