Name, first nameFrederik BaumannYear of birth1990UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectPoetic MaterialsAbstractPoetic qualities offer the possibility to enhance the user experience. The human well-being and trust in artificial intelligence can be increased through the atmospheric effects of poetic qualities. In my thesis project, I combine poetic qualities and the approach of anthropomorphism and aliveness to create new tangible and haptically experienceable interfaces. While doing so, I focus mainly on the possibilities, how those interface can be integrated in a highly aesthetical and very emotional and sensual way in surfaces. In my project, I work on a wide variety on material solutions, reaching from more conventional tangible interfaces by using icons that signalize affordances to very advanced and provocative solutions of kinetic materials that could work as a responsive body of artificial intelligence. The context for my material experiments are tomorrow's interiors of autonomous cars.TutorsZellweger & Ossevoort