Name, first nameHolzer, LucaYear of birth1993UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectReterritorialization of digital boss fight designAbstractThe aim of this master thesis is to research the transfer of
experience from strategic boss fights in video games into the
media of a board game. For this purpose, the term boss design
will be described and defined in the theoretical part of this
thesis. In the empirical part, the findings are used to analyze
game mechanics of boss fights in video games, using a
qualitative content analysis according to Philipp A. E. Mayring.
In a next step, those game mechanics are categorized in order
to create a board game prototype of a boss fight, which will be
developed in an iterative way throughout the whole master
thesis. This master thesis is aimed at game design students and
teachers and further at people who are interested in board
games, because of an unusual media transfer from digital media
into analogue media.
TutorsDr. phil. Beat Suter, René BauerFileDownload file