Name, first nameNoemi ChowYear of birth1993UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectImmersive InformationAbstractThe accessible and tangible 3D space of the current virtual, augmented and mixed reality offers new possibilities to combine the information transfer. Classical models used in schools or museums as teaching tools or demonstration of processes can now be intuitively scaled, distorted, spatially separated and expanded. In combination with additional spatial, interactive and auditive impressions, it can help to understand and to make complex facts tangible, as it was not possible in
any other medium untill now. Mediation not only takes place at different information levels, it is also expanded by additional possibilities of interaction, in contrast to the passive recording of information.

The fast-moving technology for immersive experiences and interactions leads to an increasingly wide range of possibilities for information transfer and recording. Which experiences actually convey information in a long-term manner, and which are more likely to be a source of misleading information, Immersive Information entertainment and effects? I would like to find out how information has to be designed in the Virtual Reality in order to provide lasting knowledge.

Starting from previous organizational and mediation methods of information (information graphs, information processing in the museum), design and interaction possibilities in Virtual Reality are to be investigated. The qualitative and sustainable information transfer is always the goal of the investigation.
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Immersive InformationImmersive InformationImmersive Information