Name, first nameMia KangYear of birth1993UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectThe Body I liveAbstract:The representation of the self in digital spaces

This project explores forms of avatar system in online communication that let people come together without physical movements. Mobile communication tools replaced the part of face-to-face communications, and social media platforms changed the form of relationships in social networks. We present ourselves differently in digital spaces and can take on new shapes since the representation of the self is not bound to the physical structure of self in online platforms. Avatars imitate reality but they are abstract, symbolized forms. This project aims to explore alternative forms of avatar systems in online social platforms. These forms include not only typical avatars but also communication elements such as emoticon, emoji, status icons(on/offline, typing). The goal of this project is researching personalized representations, not only in the aspect of appearance but also emotions. Depending which fragment of reality the avatar reflects, the value of interaction changes. At the same time, this avatar provides the interaction factors that influence on relationships in between subjects.

TutorsMax Rheiner, Björn FrankeFileDownload file
The Body I liveThe Body I live