Name, first nameshih hua tsengYear of birth1981UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectTranscendence Aesthetics- Bruder Klaus ChapelAbstractHow do designers in the visual field engage a sense of spirituality or inject transcendental quality into their work. Is it simply achieved with object or space's visual composition? Traditionally a transcendental moment is being associated spatially within religious build environment. However, through the study of the Bruder Klaus Chapel by architect Peter Zumthor, it suggests that such phenomenal arrive beyond religious constrain but an important aspect of the designer/architect's working method and his way of forming ideas, his design process. The process seems appeal strongly through his direct and physical engagement. This lead to an interesting question on whether computer generated work has the sensual ability to give us a deeper and enriched experience beyond visual stimulation. My goal is to proof that the phenomenal of transcendence experience achieved through a work of design arrive when our different senses are being engaged, and this sensitivity may only be realized through the designer's personal bodily engagement during the developing process.TutorsSebastien QuequetFileDownload file
Transcendence Aesthetics- Bruder Klaus ChapelTranscendence Aesthetics- Bruder Klaus ChapelTranscendence Aesthetics- Bruder Klaus Chapel