Name, first nameRevuelta AyusoYear of birth1980UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectReading Between FacesAbstractMore and more, governments and private companies use advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques to decipher people’s intimate traits. Facial metrics are extensively used for affective and psychological analysis and algorithms are now reaching an accuracy such that it allows for facial analysis-based commercial products. This research takes into account recent studies and evolution of artificial intelligence in the domain of facial recognition and profiling where algorithms are programmed to discern particular behaviour or psychological patterns from the human faces such as trustworthiness, IQ, sexual orientation, etc.
From here on and with the assumption that our faces do not lie, can design explore and expose the use of softwares analysing and profiling the behaviours and psychological traits of humans, and reveal their potential drifts and risks? The association of technologies like facial recognition, AI, facial analysis and profiling and big data allows a computational categorisation and surveillance of human beings, raising questions about privacy, individual freedoms and ethics. I am studying different scientific articles and academic research papers about machine learning and computer based facial analysis, as well as considering commercial products and softwares, their applications and many appropriations by private companies, the drifts in their usages.
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Reading Between FacesReading Between Faces