Name, first nameRita HajjYear of birth1993UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectMcLuhan GeishaAbstractIn 1968, Cerebrum, an underground entertainment space, was founded in New York City by the 24-year-old Ruffin Jr. Cooper along with 24 other member-associates - dropouts, artists, freaks, rebels, iconoclasts, musicians, longhairs – and designed by the architect John Storyk. It was known as the "McLuhan geisha house:” McLuhan referring to Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian intellectual who studied in the mid-20th century the effect of the communication technologies on men, and geisha house, referring to the house of the Japanese female entertainers.

This essay questions the nature of this space based on the McLuhan Geisha expression, as well as the relation between the space and cerebrum; noting that cerebrum is the principal part of the brain responsible for the integration of the sensory and the neural functions.
Looking at this case study from its social hippie context of the 60s, the writing also explores how this collective of artists and designers manipulated the participants’ senses in order to reach their psyche and free their minds. Through the architecture as well as the use of electronics and multimedia tools, performances, gadgets, balloons, bubbles, kaleidoscopes and toys during each session, a mind-alteration as well as sexual pleasures took place, educating patrons about their environment.
TutorsDamien Delille
McLuhan GeishaMcLuhan GeishaMcLuhan Geisha